Fully textured palm and fingers surface on all textured gloves to provides non-slip grip.
Special formula features a tacky surface on the fingers to enhance grip.
Ergonomically designed hand formers produce gloves that fit comfortably.
Flat stacking in dispenser box makes dispensing gloves easy and reduces waste.
All gloves have minimum lengths of 240 mm or plus and can even produce 300 mm if required for uni sizes. Absolutely free of any smell of chlorine or polymer.

Suitable for:

  • 100 % natural latex.
  • Ambidextrous.
  • Highly sensitive.
  • Tear resistant beaded cuff.
  • High tensile strength low protein.
  • Textured Grip.

Conforms to European specofocations EN455 Part 1 (Freedom from Holes) and Part 2 (Physical properties) in accordance with the Medical Devices Directive 93/4/EEC.


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