Specially prepared for a plaster casting. A careful combination mix of mineral and chemically treated plaster crystals, coated in the ideal proportion onto gauze bandages.

Specialist ® is a fast setting plaster of paris bandage (Initial Setting Time 120 seconds) when activated in water at a temperature of 25 degree Celsius. It consists of high quality cotton gauze substrate which is evenly spread with gypsum and spooled on a special core material that allows rapid wetting of the bandage.

Specialist ® Paris bandage offers following advantages over other similar products :

  • Low plaster loss
  • High level of mouldability
  • Short immersion time and setting time
  • Rich creamy texture

Indications for use :

Primary and secondary casting in joint surgery and fracture care, orthopedic corrections in the treatment of bone and joint diseases.

For best results it is important to follow below instructions :

  • Correct water temperature : 25 degree Celsius
  • Correct water depth : The water used must be about 12 cm deeper than the width of the widest bandage in use .
  • Correct immersion technique : Hold bandage loosely in hand and immerse in water completely at and an angle of 45 degrees .
  • Correct squeeze : Hold the bandage at both ends and squeeze gently to expel excess water .

Each Specialist ® plaster is sealed in polythene film which protects it from humidity and water. These are then packed in a strong carton. Each carton has a clear leaflet indicating the best method of use.



Rolls per carton

5 cm x 2.7 m


7.5 cm x 2.7 m


10 cm x 2.7 m


15 cm x 2.7 m


20 cm x 2.7 m